Our name says it all - we believe in the healing power of medicinal mushrooms.


We harness the alchemy of traditional medicine to create the highest quality products. We are grounded in the awareness that all life communicates with one another as an ecosystem, offering transformation through connection.


Mycelium and the mushroom fruiting bodies of fungi have been used by ancient cultures for millennia. We would say that we are all fungal descendants, as we have learned that mushrooms serve as soil magicians that govern our ecosystems and reconnect us to the roots of ancestral earth knowledge.


Our offerings place the healing power of these mushrooms into your hands. To give you knowledge and access to these fungal medicines while connecting to a community of myco-enthusiasts who share in the awe and desire to learn from the fungal kingdom. Together, under the tutelage of our mushroom maestros, we can manifest a world built on the values of connection, collaboration and care for those around us.