We put the healing power of mushrooms in your hands 

We founded the Medicinal Mushroom Co. after a decade-long adventure into the ancient, problem-solving power of mushrooms. Harnessed by modern science, we think fungi can help tackle some of the world's greatest physical and mental wellbeing challenges today.

So, we sourced the best possible organic, wildcrafted and sustainably-grown mushrooms and added synergistic herbs to create uncompromisingly potent formulas that transform how you feel and deliver on your desired intention.
As you can tell, we’re passionate about all things fungi. So, welcome to our myco community – help us share the love and get medicinal mushrooms into more hands.


Fungi understand and embody the power of symbiosis. They seem to know that their survival is inextricably linked to the well-being of the ecosystem around them. In understanding that humans and fungi are part of this same ecosystem, we source our ingredients sustainably and create products in a way that honors the future of the planet - as well as the people who inhabit it.

Rooted in science

Our naturally healing formulas are made with the fruiting body of the mushroom, which is rich in compounds called beta-glucans that bring a myriad of mental and physical wellbeing benefits. Our products contain USDA certified organic mushrooms sourced from North America to produce potent formulations of the highest quality that you know you can trust.

Information foragers

Medicinal mushrooms have been used by ancient cultures for millennia to treat illness, enhance vitality and performance. We’re on a journey to explore the fungal kingdom in search of this knowledge. Then hope to intrigue, inspire and empower you to unearth the healing power of mushrooms too.

Down to earth

The world of medicinal mushrooms may be complex, but we're down-to-earth and consider you, our community, to be our like-minded friends. Whether it’s on social media, on email or at one of our events, we encourage you to get in touch and ask us the questions that we can help you answer. 

A Mushroom Movement

Just as fungal networks stretch all around the Earth, we’re passionate about connecting you to our community of myco enthusiasts. We’re championing a mushroom movement.