Mushroom Rituals For Coming Back To Center

By Bre Jenkins

With winter in full swing and the sunlight becoming a distant memory, the need for natural organic ways to boost vitamin D and other essential nutrients this season is vital. Mushrooms possess the immune support and stress-relieving components necessary to provide additional aid against ailments such as the flu & common cold.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your morning routine or add a moment of calm to your evening, I’ve got you covered on effective, balancing, mushroom rituals to bring your mind, body, and spirit back to center. 


Chaga mushrooms or Inonotus obliquus is a type of fungus that grows mainly on the bark of birch trees, such as Northern Europe, Siberia, and Alaska. Resembling burnt charcoal, they are nutrient-rich and contain high antioxidants, making them ideal for building resilience against illness. Chaga does this by increasing the formation of beneficial cytokines, specialized proteins that regulate the immune system, which stimulates white blood cells essential for fighting off harmful bacteria or viruses. Revered by many cultures as a longevity tonic, Chaga additionally reduces inflammation and adrenal stressors while balancing the endocrine system, regulating blood sugar, and improving overall vitality. 

I include Chaga in my daily mushroom ritual anytime I need to recharge or reinforce and balance my immune system. After a long morning, I’ll mix about two teaspoons of Chaga Triple Action in hot water to create a potent, bioavailable mushroom tea and allow for the healing power of mushrooms to soothe my spirit with each sip. I enjoy this specific blend because of its additional Vitamin D sourced from White Button Mushrooms along with food-source B vitamins and minerals. Mix this blend in broths so it can double as a midday energy boost and a nourishing meal.  


Known as the “nerve mushroom” and often used as a daily nootropic, Lion’s Mane mushroom has reached the neurons of those in awe of its powerful cognitive abilities. With Hericium Erinaceus being the most commonly cultivated species, the puffy white mane featuring cascading white strands is where this shaggy mushroom gets its name. Also named “Hou Tou Gu,” this historical fungus has a long-dated history in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), revered for its nurturing support for the liver, lung, spleen, heart, and kidney.

Studies have shown that compounds in Lion’s Mane can stimulate the growth of brain cells and alleviate depression and anxiety. Additional research suggests that it may help protect against Alzheimer’s disease. Not to mention, Lion’s Mane supports the gut and reduces digestive disorders such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Moreover, this versatile fungus can act as a natural antibiotic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging ingredient, protecting the body against illness and naturally boosting the immune system

I’ve been synergistically using the Lion’s Mane Triple Action Powder with my morning coffee to enhance my clarity and calm. This organic blend uses UV, steam-extraction, ultrasonic-extraction, and solid-state fermentation technology to deliver the most potent, bioavailable spectrum of extracts which is hard to find in other mushroom products. I add about two teaspoons of Lion’s Mane to my coffee along with my usual fresh cream. While the upgrade doesn’t change the flavor of my coffee, I know I’m receiving Lion’s Mane neurological, digestive, and mood-enhancing benefits while getting my daily dose of caffeine and Vitamin D. 


Reishi, also known as “Lingzhi,” meaning “tree of life,” symbolizes immortality, success, well-being, divine power, and longevity. This often reddish-brown, fan-shaped mushroom has been noted for having a glossy or lacquered-looking body with a woody texture typically ​​fruiting off of deadfall or decaying trees. Widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi was reserved only for royalty such as emperors in ancient China and was a highly regarded miracle elixir. As one of the most researched medicinal mushrooms, this impressive fungus offers various benefits to bring the body back to center.

As a potent adaptogenic and immune modulator, it helps the body cope with stress and regulates the immune system while safeguarding the body from disease, ideal for enhancing sleep quality or combating insomnia. Studies have also shown that Reishi can relieve chronic inflammation, fatigue, high blood pressure, and even diabetes having the power to transform our overall health, revitalizing balance and harmony within our mind, body, and spirit. 

I’ve been using it each evening to wind down after a long day or whenever I need a moment of calm. I add two teaspoons of the Reishi Triple Action powder to hot cacao to act as a natural heart opener. I call it my nighttime “cup of joy” and have incorporated this stress-relieving blend into my bedtime routine and have noticed I fall asleep soundly through the night, waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Thoughtfully curated to relax the mind and restore vitality, this high-quality Reishi offers a bioavailable, potent source of Reishi and much-needed Vitamin D, gifting me with the power of mushrooms in every soothing sip.

Whether you’re looking for a morning clarity boost, a mid-day energy lift, or a moment of stillness at the end of the day, the Medicinal Mushroom Co’s organic Triple-Action Mushroom Powders provide a full spectrum of organic mushroom extracts to support mind, body, and spirit. Quickly introduce it into your daily routine and have the healing power of mushrooms in the palm of your hand.

Article by Bre Jenkins