Ingredient Spotlight: Cordyceps

Article written by: Cassandra Posey

Cordyceps are a special Entomopathogenic fungi, specifically a fungi that fruits off of an insect, technically placing it in the category of a pathogen. For most of us this might sound like an insane killer mushroom that’s about to take out a whole species, but you’d be hard pressed to see them actually wipe out anything of substantial value even in a small area. Cordyceps are of the Phylum Ascomycota, same as morels, and like morels they should be ‘cooked’ or processed for extraction prior to consumption. Cordyceps militaris, is the only true Cordyceps on the market as the tibetan cordyceps is of the genus Ophiocordyceps.

Valuable Compounds

Cordycepin, Adenine, Cordymin, Homocitrullyaminoadenosine, Adenosine, Guanosine, Cytidine, Uridine, Uracil, Novel Isoflavones.

The contents of bioactive ingredients found in Cordyceps militaris cultivated in ideal conditions are cordycepin and adenosine.

Medicinal Properties of Cordyceps

Beside being eye candy, and tasting delicious, Cordyceps militaris are highly valued for their medicinal properties.

Common Cordyceps Mushroom Uses

-Energy/ Stamina support (reduce fatigue and enhance strength and sexual drive)
-Helping regulate metabolism (energy boost, more exercise, more pooping, get regular)
-Adaptogenic (helps regulate your bodies response to stress)
-Cordyceps increase the body’s production of ATP (which is essential for delivering energy to your muscles)
-Helps fight inflammation (rich in antioxidants)
-Boosts immunity!
-More research supports that Cordyceps might be helping with diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels in a healthy range by mimicking the action of insulin

Other Known Medicinal Properties

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant/ anti-aging, anti-tumour/ anti-cancer/ anti-leukemic, anti-metastatic, immunomodulatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antiprotozoal, insecticidal, larvicidal, anti-fibrotic, steroidogenic, hypolipidemic, anti-angiogenic, anti-diabetic, anti-HIV, anti-malarial, anti-fatigue, neuroprotective, liver-protective, reno-protective and pneumo-protective.

Cordycepin shows antifungal activity against multiple species of Candida. As well, Cordymin shows antifungal activity and has been shown to inhibit HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. Cordymin displays antiproliferative activity toward breast cancer cells.

The Cordyceps genome does not contain genes for known human mycotoxins. Cordyceps militaris produces a fibrinolytic enzyme, and shows fibrin binding activity, which allows for the local activation of the fibrin degradation pathway.

Cordycepin inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation and shows selective inhibition of Clostridium spp. It is also known to cause infant botulism. Cordycepin can inhibit the growth of Clostridium without adverse effects on probiotic gut bacteria.

Cordyceps militaris has shown the ability to increase sperm production in rats and boars. It also has a unique ability of repairing and regenerating your cells, then preparing your body to reproduce. This is a beautiful medicine that eastern cultures have been utilizing for centuries, incorporating them into our everyday life can truly benefit and heal us.

Cooking with Cordyceps

Dosage: 1 gram of dry Cordyceps is ideal for noticeable effects, 2-4 grams a day are ideal for people looking for a holistic treatment. Having said that, all of our Food As Medicine products are infused and ready to incorporate into your everyday.

One of our favorites lately has been the new line of infused fats. Our Cordyceps Ghee and vegan alternative, Cordyceps Brain Lube is great in the AM for a butter coffee.


– 1 C hot coffee (we like our Organic, Fair Trade Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee)
– 1.5 T Cordyceps Ghee or Brain Lube (vegan alternative)

*plant milk & sweetener of your choice optional (sometimes we add some agave)

The Method:

Use a blender to combine all your ingredients and blitz on high. Then pour the hot, sexy mixture into your drinking vessel (choose something reusablelet’s save the planet together, please). Next, reach for your favorite book, instagram account, blog, dog (whatever your chill is), and take your first savory sip of goodness. Finally, enter bliss. Repeat as necessary but keep in mind that this is a different experience from regular caffeinemost people only need one cup.


Sex on Cordyceps is a wild ride. Though they are utilized for so much more than this, we thought we would add in our Cordycsex two cents. Cordyceps is a sexual potentiator— the tibetan cordyceps is known as Himalayan viagra. 2-4 grams shared with a partner can lead to a more pleasurable experience on both ends.

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