A practicing herbalist, mycologist, and spagyricist, Jason Scott, has dedicated his life to understanding Mycelium and their medicinal properties. Scott works in The Pacific Northwest, and is the founder of Feral Fungi, a company that is known for creating high quality mushroom extracts by way of traditional alchemy. Scott also stewards AlchemMycology, a community-oriented project that explores and weaves the traditions and practices of Hermetic Alchemy with the world of Mycology.

In addition to Jason's own initiatives, he also formulates our Spagyric Mushroom Tinctures

Please join The Medicinal Mushroom Company and Jason Scott for a FREE introductory talk on Spagyrics. Originally recorded on November 3rd at 7:00 PM EST we are happy to share the recording with you. 

Topics of discussion include:

  • Sourcing mushrooms
  • What are Spagyrics? The ancient technology used to separate, purify and then re-combine natural materials to create powerful medicine
  • How the process differs from standard tincture processing
  • Fruit body vs mycelium