Company Sustainability and Sourcing

With the launch of our Spagyrics and slow, exciting rollout releases of our new offerings, we wanted to speak about our commitment to quality and sustainability in our packaging, mushroom products and company as a whole. 

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”⁠
- Chief Seattle of the Suquamish and Duwamish Tribes⁠

We wholly believe in looking at our company with a lens of sustainability and love for the earth. This means our ingredient sourcing and business models mimic mycelium connectedness. We have complete transparency about our formulas, which are made with 100% organic and sustainability cultivated mushrooms from North America, reducing our carbon footprint immensely. We also only use recyclable and compostable packaging materials.⁠

In addition, our company prides itself in its commitment to selling the most potent, pure and clean adaptogenic products on the market. Our ingredient sourcing strategy is made up of three main pillars: sustainability, efficacy, and purity.

PURITY - All of our ingredients are USDA certified organic and tested for heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins and contaminants. We source the highest quality materials available and pride ourselves in creating the cleanest products on the market.

EFFICACY - We source ingredients that are clean and efficient because we care about what our consumers absorb. Our products contain bioactive compounds and have standardized beta glucans, one of the main active ingredients in mushrooms that lends evidence for immune support. We also provide steam extracts from the mushroom fruiting bodies. Many supplement products contain only the mycelium, but we include both mycelium and fruiting body for a broader array of active constituents. Our mycelium is grown on a high cellulose substrate,  so that it mimics natural growing environments like tree pulp.

SUSTAINABILITY - We source ingredients only in North America to help reduce the carbon footprint of the product production. Not only do all our ingredients come from North America, but all of our mushrooms are in fact grown in the United States.

We also highly recommend our my-community keep this checklist when looking for mushroom products:
  1. Sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients and packaging⁠
  2. Organic and non-GMO⁠
  3. Transparency with customers⁠
  4. Made from the mushroom fruiting body and/or mycelium⁠
✔️CHECK! We are proud to announce that all of our products hit these marks!

Our team has recently been meditating over this quote by Spencer Martin and we leave this with our my-community to absorb and appreciate as we continue releasing our fungi offerings:

“A basic principle of the indigenous world view is that all things in the universe are connected. We believe that we are a part of everything and that everything in the natural world is alive—conscious—even the stones, the Earth, the stars. Westerners seem to isolate themselves and think they are separate from their environment. They believe that portions of creation can be isolated from other parts; that one set of people is separate from another set; or that people are different from the animals. In the Western view, it doesn’t matter what happens to animals because we’re apart from them; superior, actually. In the indigenous world view—or what I would call “reality”—we are all a part of creation. The universe is unified. It’s inaccurate to think you can separate pieces out. Human beings are the only species who have forgotten that. When we remember, we live in balance and strive for harmony with all things. That is the most fundamental difference between the Western and indigenous world view.”