Our Story

Our name says it all - we believe in the healing power of medicinal mushrooms. We harness the alchemy of traditional medicine to create the highest quality products. We are grounded in the awareness that all life communicates with one another as an ecosystem, offering transformation through connection.


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We are humble vessels bringing the healing powers of the fungi and plant kingdoms to the modern world. Our offerings are here to heal the mind, body and spirit but do this by also harnessing color therapy through plant pigments generated by phytonutrients. Together, we hope to build out a mycelial network of connected individuals. We look forward to being invited into your daily rituals.

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We believe in providing the most potent and pure products to our customers. We do this by sourcing the highest quality USDA organic ingredients and by stewarding 100% sustainable packaging.

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As innovation in mushroom technology and medicine blossoms each year, we are continuously reminded that mycelium are grand molecular disassemblers of nature.