What if the secret to greater wellbeing lay right beneath our feet?

As custodians of ancient wisdom about the healing power of mushrooms, we’re here to demystify the transformative benefits of fungi and empower you on your journey to wellness. We’ve sourced the best possible organic, wildcrafted and sustainably-grown mushrooms and added synergistic herbs to create uncompromisingly potent formulas. Each one remains free from heavy metals and pesticides – yet holds the power to elevate your mood, boost mental focus, power up your energy, enhance sleep and support longevity.

What's your intention?

Transformative Mushrooms to enhance your wellbeing

Our naturally healing formulas are made with the fruiting body of the mushroom (the bit you can see above ground). This means they’re rich in compounds called beta-glucans, which are known to bring a myriad of mental and physical wellbeing benefits. Our products contain USDA certified organic mushrooms sourced from North America to produce potent formulations of the highest quality that you know you can always trust.

Our Ingredients